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Hoops is a revolutionary and innovative business management software built for businesses who manufacture products. When using Hoops, these businesses can create quotes quickly, manage their workflows, see a complete picture of their operation and access the resources they need to succeed. This saves time and drastically increases profit.

Hoops will also be the first software product in the world to utilise a network structure to create connections between manufacturing businesses. We have built an ecosystem, a business-to-business network connection where businesses will interact with one another on Hoops to forever change the manufacturing landscape.

Just like Alibaba did for global trade by connecting manufacturers directly with customers, Hoops connects manufacturers directly with other manufacturers. This provides the ability for businesses to partner with businesses who have manufacturing capabilities they internally do not. This facilitates highly efficient trade and Hoops will be the first to provide this connection between manufacturers.

Hoops was founded by Brad Pengelly who developed Hoops as for use within his own custom-product manufacturing business – Budget Screen Printing. Since implementing Hoops, Budget Screen Printing reported a net profit increase of 85% within 12-months. Identifying this opportunity, Brad converted Hoops into a SaaS model and it has since garnered significant traction with the apparel & promotional products markets.

Hoops has recently closed a $700,000 Seed round which will help to optimise its service offerings and further grow Hoops’ revenue and customer base.

From Hoops & Sprint

“We built Hoops to be a dominant force in the custom-made manufacturing industry, to help businesses run their business more efficiently, to save time and to make their work life easier. We remain laser focused on this mission and through raising this Seed round, we gain new capital and significant operational expertise that allows us to supercharge our growth, continue innovating and become an even stronger company.

We are excited about the future, it is the right transaction at the right time for Hoops and we are confident that we have formed trusted partnerships that will help us to garner a leading industry position.”

“We’ve worked with the team at Sprint for over a year now and we’re excited not only to have Sprint as investors, but to be able to draw upon the deep and diverse expertise of the entire team so that we can rapidly scale Hoops.”

Brad Pengelly, Founder of Hoops

“At Sprint we invest in the truly great founders and companies with a globally focussed vision presenting a compelling offer to the market.

We’ve enjoyed partnering with Brad and his team for over 12 months now and he’s a great founder that is strategic and experienced in growing businesses that do things differently.

In Hoops, it’s exciting to be able to invest in the future of manufacturing cloud based software as Hoops has a great value proposition and global market opportunity especially in the US and Europe that will really transform their industry.”

Llew Jury – Managing Partner, Sprint