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Founders Spotlight

Amanda Siqueira & Michelle Aguilar Founders of VAPAR

Amanda and Michelle co-founded VAPAR with a vision to bring emerging technology into the Asset Management space and revolutionise the way infrastructure is tracked, repaired, and maintained. They have partnered with Sprint since 2022.

Where we invest

We embrace extraordinary ideas from passionate founders who create companies that make a difference. Sprint provides startup funding to early and growth-stage technology companies across Australia. We’re not narrowly defined by silos.

Our portfolio will give you a sense of what attracts us. We usually start the conversation once you have a MVP, have sales traction and are retaining customers. Ready to reach out to Sprint?

More than startup funding

At Sprint, venture is about partnerships not deals. When we partner with founders, we bring financial, social, human and intellectual capital to the partnership.

Human Capital

Access to extensive networks and highly sought after industry mentoring.

Social Capital

We help make connections between Founders, industry and our partners based on fit, culture and alignment.

Venture Studio

Office Hours and access to dedicated Founder space in Sprint HQ.

Financial Capital

The financial capital you need to grow your business.

Ready to apply?

Looking to raise capital?  Our doors are always open to extraordinary ideas. We encourage you to have your pitch deck ready to go, and be deal room ready. Then it’s over to you.

Resources for founders

Office Hours

Get the feedback you need. Book a 30 min session with Sprint.

Startup Resources

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what you need organised to secure venture capital.


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Got Questions?

Talking to a VC about funding is a big step and we understand you will likely have questions. We’ve put together some responses to our most common questions.

Do I need to have demonstrated revenue to apply?

Yes. We can review your application once you’ve got some sales traction and are retaining customers.

What if I already have investors?

We understand you may have either bootstrapped or raised a small pre-seed round to get you this far. It’s a great time to talk to us when you’re needing new capital to take your business further.

What companies have you already invested in?

We’ve invested in several extraordinary ideas from passionate founders. Take a look at our portfolio.