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Lisa Martens
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An experienced founder, technologist and growth strategist, Lisa Martens has raised over $60M in funding from private equity, Government and strategic partnerships.

“We’re excited to have Lisa join us as she’s worked with early-stage startups all the way through to global icons like National Geographic,” shares Llew Jury, Managing Partner and Founder at Sprint.

“She’s launched products across edTech, logistics, SaaS, eComm & luxury – she knows what it is to be a startup and to go after ambitious goals while getting stuck in.

“She has an adventurous spirit and brings people together around a shared purpose – exactly what Sprint wants to do with our growing community.”

What I’m Most Excited About

With a career that has spanned strategy, technology, startups and fund raising, Lisa summarises her greatest career achievements to-date as being part of the moments that define an organisation’s culture.

“The most exciting wins I’ve experienced,” shares Lisa, “started by bringing good people together and asking hard questions. It’s unlikely you start with the answer.”

Amplifying and contributing to the successes of Aussie startups is what drew her to Sprint.

“Sprint is attracting the best of Australian investors – those who are not content to simply stand sentinel over the past.

“Sprint’s focus on AI & Automation, Healthy & Ageing, eCommerce and Fintech, and Property and Energy means we work with founders who have an enormous influence on our future.

“For those founders, the community we bring alongside financial capital is a huge amplifier of success. We’re changing how VC supports Founders and it starts with an alignment of values and conscious investing.”

My Role At Sprint

“To build a better future requires an appetite for the extraordinary,” shares Lisa, “and our community at Sprint has the vision, capacity and determination to make it happen.

“For my part? I’ll be focused on seeking our founders and investors who combined, are a force for good. I’ll be shouting our Founders’ progress and wins from the rooftops and advocating for greater diversity across the Startup landscape.

“But our Community goes further than that – Sprint is committed to laying the groundwork for future startups to thrive. I’ll be working with startup partners and industry to help build Australia’s startup ecosystem so that the next generation can look home first, for opportunity.

You can expect some experiments too.

“I’ll be listening to our Founders, Investors and industry partners and we’ll try new things to ensure VC plays a positive role in building a better future.”

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