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Sprint is excited to announce its follow on investment into Hayylo! This represents the second deployment of capital from the Expansion Capital Fund, our follow-on fund that we are raising so that we can continue backing great founders who are sprinting down the track and now need growth capital to fuel their journey.

Hayylo is a health tech communications start up operating in the aged care sector that we initially invested into in mid 2020. We were fortunate to meet Greg and Simon through the Bentley’s CareFactor incubator program, and we have been with them since.

“With healthcare markets swaying more and more towards consumer centric models, Hayylo has been fortunate enough to be well placed over the course of 2021 and are set to double in size by this time next year. With investments underway across team and product, we are super excited to have investor and board support from Sprint VC and Social Ventures Australia”

Greg Satur, Hayylo CEO

Daily Communication With A Personal Touch

At its core, Hayylo is a platform that connects all of the key people across community services, together in one place. Alerts, tasks, social updates and messages all flow through Hayylo’s platform, providing a single source of truth for everyone involved.

Currently, aged and disability providers typically do not have a digital platform to communicate with their residents and their respective families, instead relying on email or text messaging. These external solutions can work in some instances, but oftentimes these informal conversations create administrative burdens for those left out of the loop. Families will talk with their loved ones, and then relay updates to administrators who will then schedule appointments as necessary. This is an unnecessarily convoluted process that has long been in need of modernisation. Hayylo’s solution offers messaging capabilities that feed in directly to the platform’s task manager, allowing facility caretakers to receive updates and action them in one centralised location.

Founders First

Greg and Simon founded Hayylo after they personally experienced the frustratingly slow communication channels between their loved ones and their care providers. They set out with a simple mission to make it easier to speak with their family members, and stay in contact with their aged care staff.  

What we have always liked about Greg and Simon, from our first meeting to our seed investment and through to today, is their genuine and tangible compassion for everyone around them. We felt this in our meetings, phone calls and emails, but more importantly, we saw it in the way they dealt with their first customers. Every implementation of the Hayylo software was shipped only after careful testing and lengthy feedback sessions with the end users, and this investment into these early relationships has resulted in zero customer churn to date. Key metrics aside, when we made the decision to invest, we did so not just on high conviction in the business, but also on high conviction that we would feel comfortable communicating with our loved ones through the Hayylo platform.

Hayylo’s offering has grown immensely from its humble beginnings as a messaging platform, and now reflects a truly ambitious vision – one in which every aspect of the aged care process is seamlessly integrated into the Hayylo system so that there is never any doubt about the safety and well being of the family members who call aged care facilities home.

The Lighthouse In The Storm

One of the greatest time sinks for customer service in aged care centres is responding to low-value questions. Over 60% of the time, aged care residents simply want to know who is coming to help them, at what time and whether or not they can reschedule. These are very important questions, however as we have all inevitably experienced, sometimes being asked lots of easy questions can make it challenging to solve hard ones. Hayylo’s automatic filtering, tagging and assignment process expedites the information loop, minimising inefficient resource allocation while ensuring rapid response times to easy queries.

These services proved invaluable through Covid – in the last 12 months, Hayylo has helped send over 1.2 million service notifications. In many instances, Hayylo’s enterprise clients did not have an established means of communicating to all their residents, and Greg and Simon’s tech provided the bridge to keep these communities up to date on the rapidly changing dynamics of the pandemic. Notice boards and personal check-ins were never going to cut it for much longer, and 2020 proved to be the tipping point that demonstrated why Hayylo was a necessary step up for aged care providers.

Expanding The Halo

Greg and Simon are looking to hire and scale after closing this second round of funding. They are seeking ambitious individuals who want to help revolutionise the aged care industry. Their immediate plans are to continue deploying their solution across Australia, so don’t be surprised if the next time you go to check in on a loved one they ask you to hit them up through Hayylo instead.