We’ve Secured QVCDF Investment & Will Continue To Build A Better Future

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So, you’ve heard the news! 

We’ve secured a binding term sheet from the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) managed Queensland Venture Capital Development Fund (QVCDF). This positions QVCDF as a cornerstone investor, for our upcoming and third fund: Sprint Fund III.

We’re excited to share more with you about the catalytic nature of this partnership and what it means for our respected network: our investors, our founders, and our partners. The way we see it, we won’t just be investing in more startups and scaleups, we’ll be investing in new possibilities. Specifically, those opportunities that will build a better future.

For example, Queensland’s healthcare landscape, coupled with its rapid population growth, presents a huge opportunity for innovation. With support from universities, healthcare facilities, government initiatives, and innovation hubs like LuminaX, there’s so much potential to revolutionise healthcare delivery.

We’re also excited about Climate Tech and are eager to position Sprint at the forefront of sustainability investing. By partnering with local entrepreneurs, universities, and accelerators such as EnergyLab, we will drive impactful solutions in climate resilience and conservation.

We’re also committed to furthering responsible AI development and supporting promising AI ventures. Sprint is set to become a national leader in this domain and we have an upcoming event on July 11th (stay tuned!) that will be testament to that.

Our strategic partnership with the Queensland Government’s QVCDF is a significant achievement. After a rigorous due diligence process, we have been successfully chosen as just one of 10 venture capital teams to lead the way and fuel Queensland’s startup ecosystem.

We’re so glad you are here to join us as we continue our journey of building a better future. 

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