At Sprint, we’re deeply committed to building a better future

Venture Capital Brisbane Sprint Team

As investors, we have the ability to truly support our future leaders and organisations - and through their economic, social and environmental contributions, shape the world we live in.

Sprint is an early stage venture capital firm based in Brisbane. We invest in the game changing global ideas and from inception we have prioritised:

  • Investing in extraordinary ideas with clear environmental, social and governance value
  • Placed Founders First
  • Supported Founders with essential capital: financial, human, intellectual, infrastructure and social capital. 

From our venture studio and head office, our team invests in the extraordinary founders and their ideas. We partner with the businesses that are true game changes, possess incredible culture and have the desire to swim upstream.

For each company in our portfolio Sprint partners with Founders where they need us most: as an internal entrepreneur in residence, providing deep dives, analysis and detailed advice, often as Board members. Find out more about how we work with investors and founders

Venture capital Brisbane About Sprint

Our Investments

Sprint invests in Australian high-growth businesses with global scale opportunities where we have deep domain experience and can practically help our founders.

Our Purpose
Build A Better Future

Our Core Values

Our investments are based on core values that underpin everything we do. From the first founder meeting, during strategic and operational decisions through to successful exits, we roll up our sleeves and help, always living by our core values.

Support Founders

Our founders underpin our core investment thesis. We’ll help them any way we can, no matter the circumstance with financial, experiential, social and human capital.

Realise Value

We are trusted advisors that help startups before, during and after investment. We use our team to drive portfolio growth, fix problems and achieve business success and value realisation.

Contribute Positively

We operate for purpose, always taking a seat at the table and by giving back to our ecosystem, to build a better future.

Be Authentic

We’ll do what we can to help, educate and grow Australia’s investment ecosystem through authentic and transparent engagement.