Health care reform: Opportunities for Support at Home

Better Health Care at Home with Hayylo
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Lisa Martens
Lisa Martens
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The Hayylo team recently presented at a newly formed Health and Aged Care industry Leadership Forum: Support at Home Program event and caught up with team Sprint at our Venture Studio. 

Alongside aged care expert Grant Corderoy who presented on the upcoming changes to Australian home care, Hayylo’s Co-Founder and CEO Grant Satur, talked about the opportunity for positive change amidst disruption.

Disruption Ahead

The Support at Home program is an initiative involving the Federal, State and Territory Governments that seeks to improve the quality of care at home for elderly Australians. The program comes into effect in July 2023, and leads with several industry sweeping reforms and goals in response to the final report by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

The Australian Government will create a single Support at Home Program. This is replacing the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), the Home Care Packages (HCP) Program, Short-Term Restorative Care Programme (STRC), and residential respite programs.

– Department of Health,

Industry consultation is currently looking at redesigning substantial elements of home care, including:

  • a modern classification and funding system ensuring the support senior Australians receive aligns with their assessed care needs
  • an increased choice of providers across all types and levels of home care
  • a focus on care management in assessment and funding arrangements
  • better support for informal carers
  • more support for early interventions to help people remain independent at home for longer.

“At Hayylo, we believe that there is significant value in re-imagining how aged care providers interact each day with clients, their teams and their community,” opened Satur.  “The Support at Home changes are set to increase client choice with the opportunity for care providers being to engage their existing communities now and ongoing to ensure revenue stability”

CEO and Founder Greg Satur shares Hayylo’s industry insights and lessons learned from leading aged care providers alongside Grant Corderoy (inset).
Hayylo’s platform focuses on improving collaboration and streamlining the communication between health care providers, the customer and family.

Leadership Forum: Support At Home

Here are the key takeaways from the Leadership Forum: Support at Home Program session:

  1. The harmonisation of Commonwealth funded home care for elderly Australians by July 2023 will create a massive disruption event for unprepared aged care providers
  2. Aged care providers will need to engage with their customers, family and allied healthcare providers more than ever. Enabling technologies – collaboration and communication platforms like Hayylo, and integrated service management tools – will be key to successful transformation and ensure high quality care is delivered.
  3. The ability to attract and retain top quality staff will be reflected in how well providers transform their operations and empower staff to deliver care while minimising the administrative burden.
From left to right, team Hayylo at the Sprint Venture Studio: Megan Braithwaite, Simon Heaysman and Greg Satur.

“With strong ties and investments in health care, we are immensely proud of the work Hayylo is doing across the industry,” says Heath Shonhan, Sprint Chairman and founder of health care accelerator, CareFactor.

“With strong industry collaborations, Hayylo is solving real-world problems for health and aged care providers, their clients and families.”

Congrats to the Hayylo team who continue to be at the forefront of industry innovation in health and aged care and thank you to event hosts StewartBrown and Bentleys for another great health and aged care event.

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